by bjgibbons on March 29, 2011

More than 80% of people do not have a Living Ttrust or a Living Will.  So many say to me: “I need to do that!  Can you help me?”  We agree, yet they never get around to sitting down and filling out the questionairre.  This is probably the most important thing a person can check off their to-do list, yet everyone puts it off because they are “busy.”

Arizona Legal Forms can get your Trust or Will to you within 24-48 hours – don’t waste time!  Write down your wishes: who you want raising your children of you die, how you want your assets distributed, etc.  Many single  people do not want their assets left evenly among their children for example, but if you have no Trust or Will, the State will spread them evenly. is a great resource – stop procrastinating!

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You never know when you will die.

You Never Know When You Will Die

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“We are all going to die.  Who will take care of your children if you died suddenly?  Rely on Arizona Legal Forms’ estate planning resources to make key decisions, like who will be the guardian of your kids, how your property will be distributed, who will manage your finances, and who will carry out your health care wishes if you are unable to.  Let us help you with your Living Trust, your Last Will, your Living Will, or a Power of Attorney.”

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