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Putting Your Business on the Web

Put Your Business on the WebWe provide customized legal advice on each of the legal documents within this group of documents. You can request legal advice for a 30 day period after purchase. After the 30 day period you can purchase legal advice on a per incident basis.

We provide legal advice on a variety of internet related legal issues, from domain name disputes to publishing the correct terms and conditions and privacy statements on your web site.  We can help you document the transactions related to getting your business on the web.

We review each form to make sure that is consistent with your goals and provide you with completed forms ready for execution or publishing on your web site.

Our legal advice is provided by telephone or email.

Affiliate Agreement

This software product allows an E-Retailer and Affiliate to enter into an agreement whereby Affiliate’s website will generate sales of E-Retailer products and Affiliate will receive a commission on Qualified Purchases of those products. This product contains an optional attachment to the agreement allowing the parties to share revenue from advertising and sponsorships that appear on the content pages.

Consulting Agreement for Web Site Design

This document is used to contract for consulting services for the design of a web site. It is a comprehensive consulting agreement that has been specifically tailored to purchasing web site design services.

Content License Agreement

This document is used to license content from a publisher for use on a web site. Provisions include copyright indemnification, compensation, scope of the license agreement, and warranty provisions among others.

Domain Name Sales Agreement

This document is used to transfer a domain name from one entity to another as a result of a sale for consideration. Sales of domain names should be documented with a legal agreement as they are assets of entity that owns them. This document can used to transfer a domain name between individuals or between two business entities such as corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies.

Internet Linking Agreement

This agreement permits one website to link to another website. In general, hypertext links between sites do not require an agreement. However, certain types of links may create disputes including image links, particularly where the image is a trademark from the linked site; deep links that bypass the site’s home page; links that result in framing; and in lining links that only pull certain elements from a site, such as an image. The linking agreement can be used to avoid disputes over any of these types of links.

Permission to Use Copyrighted Material

This document is used to grant permission for copyrighted materials to be used by another party, for compensation.